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Driving around Cape Coral is extremely…

easy once you understand the street system.

The city itself is broken up into four quadrants, the center falling at the intersection of Santa Barbara Boulevard and Hancock Bridge Parkway.

On the Cape Coral map, Santa Barbara is the east/west dividing street of the city.

The north/south divider is Hancock Bridge Parkway until Santa Barbara, and then it turns into Embers Parkway.

As you move away from the center of the city, the street numbers and addresses increase.

House numbers and street numbers start at “0” from these lines and go up in each direction.

Thus the first part of an address corresponds with the nearest intersecting street. It is also helpful to know what streets run in which direction.

Within each quadrant, street numbers increase as you move away from Santa Barbara Boulevard or Hancock Bridge Parkway. 

To locate an address, first locate the quadrant (NW, NE, SE, SW).

Then review the address to locate the intersecting street.

For example, 4720 SE 15th Avenue would be in the SE quadrant, located on SE 15th Avenue near the intersection of SE 47th Street/Terrace.

If you are still a little confused, it’s okay. Ask us for a FREE map of Cape Coral.

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