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Matt Lamb and Patrick Quinlan are taking Real Estate to a whole new level!

Recently, they’ve really been generating a buzz by using their Cape Coral knowledge and outgoing personalities to film 3 to 5 minute videos that show you what Cape Coral has to offer.

Be sure to visit their Youtube Channel at “mattandpatshowSWFLA“!

As you’ll see, Matt and Patrick are very passionate about this waterfront wonderland, and very knowledgeable about the Cape Coral area.  (They’ve have hired Reggie Germain as their director & editor, too!)

You’ll enjoy bright sunny views of Southwest Florida and great information about the area while watching Matt & Pat share their enthusiasm.

Matt and Pat currently have 6 videos posted on YouTube featuring:

Don’t forget Facebook! Matt and Pat have a great Facebook page featuring photos from their show, upcoming events, and additional information about the Cape. Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page!

What a great way to use today’s technology to bring awareness to all of the wonderful things Cape Coral has to offer.



The Cape is also home to numerous boating marinas and ramps,

…so you always have easy access to the water no matter where in the city you live.

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