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It’s official!  We are online, and really taking advantage of everything the Internet has to offer…

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Here’s the official word from our latest news release:

Cape Coral’s foremost leader in home building and real estate solutions, The Aubuchon Team of Companies, has created a new blog called “Your Florida Home” as well as a new series on iTunes.

Both are designed to promote the Cape Coral and Southwest Florida area to those looking learn more about the area.

Team Aubuchon is committed to embracing the Internet and technology as a whole. Julia Aubuchon of Team Aubuchon, has worked very closely with Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC to promote the best of the Cape through many forms of new media, including eBook, eHow, and Squidoo, as well as the blog and iTunes.

Diane VanArsdale, Director of Marketing and Sales for Team Aubuchon states, “People are definitely using the Internet to find the right service provider for remodeling, building, buying, selling, and renting homes here in Southwest Florida. We’re fully embracing the Web, and all forms of new media—it’s part of our commitment as a full service real estate company. Our goal is to offer the best and most comprehensive real estate solutions for those who are looking to live the Florida dream.”

To find The Aubuchon Team of Companies on iTunes, click this link, or search for “Cape Coral homes.”

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