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A year after Cape Coral broke ground in November of 1957, it’s…

…first residents started moving in.

On June 14, 1958, the first family moved into Cape Coral.

These pioneers had to drive a long distance to get anywhere – almost 20 miles for a loaf of bread!

So the Rosens took action, and carefully plotted the community. (Learn more about the Rosen’s in our previous blog post).

They brought in the largest single shipment of earth-moving equipment in Florida development history to begin digging more than 400 miles of canals.

The soil dredged up from the canals was then used as fill dirt for home sites to bring the level of the ground up to the required 5 feet 6 inches.

Did you know?

Cape Coral’s first Mayor was Paul Fickinger, was incorporated on August 18, 1970, and held it’s first council meeting on December 3, 1970?

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  1. Audrey Bohte Says:

    Great articles on the history. Can’t wait for my house to sell here in Wisconsin so I can find a house in The Cape.

    Posted on July 19th, 2010 at 11:02 pm

  2. Diane Says:

    Hi Audrey,
    Thanks for taking time to reply. I’m glad to hear you are looking to move to the Cape. Today it is beautiful outside. Last night I took my dog to the beach and watched the dolphin play very close to the shoreline. I couldn’t believe how close they were! Have you visited the Cape much?

    We have a Free Buyer’s Guide you might find interesting. It’s contains a lot of information about Cape Coral. Just go to our web site, and click at the top: “Get Your FREE Cape Coral
    Home Buyer’s Guide.” Enjoy! Please let us know if we can help you find the perfect home.

    877.765.1351 (toll free)

    Posted on July 20th, 2010 at 11:02 am

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